Parish Flag

Evenley Parish Flag

Under legislation brought out in 2012 it is now possible to have your own Parish flag.

The then parish council thought it was appropriate to have our own flag to be displayed on important local occasions and went through a process in connection the Flag Institute and asked the parishioners to submit some design for ideas that symbolises Evenley Parish. Fourty two ideas were submitted. A group of judges brought these ideas down to twelve and four designs were voted upon by the whole parish.  Our design has been approved and registered with the National Flag Institute.

The winning design idea was submitted by Evenley resident Stuart Freestone, which encapsulates the spirit of Evenley.

By way of explanation the name Evenley is derived from the Saxon word Evelai (alternatively Imley or Imnley) which means the flat clearing of woodland. The village green is represented by the vertical Green stripe on which are inscribed three cowslips, Northamptonshire’s county flower which symbolises our rural parish environment. The green dragon being slain by our village’s patron saint, St George, with his lance and is a link to our parish church. The background colour gold has county associations and is symbolic of trees being cleared to establish the village.