Where is Evenley

At the southern extremity of Northamptonshire and bordering the counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire the parish of Evenley is arguably one of the prettiest and largest, in terms of area, in the county. Epitomising a typical English village Evenley is one of the few places where village cricket is played on the Village Green in the heart of the community.

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There are currently 502 residents on the electoral register of which 69 actually live outside the village confines but still within Evenley Parish.

Evenley Parish boundary extends as far south as Lilybird House on the A43, North to include the car park at Tesco supermarket and the front part of the Mercedes/Petronas site (the boundary is marked by the stream which runs under the existing entranceway to the supermarket). The development of about six properties at Plomers Furze, lying between Brackley and Charlton, although on the edge of the Croughton boundary, remain in Evenley. From the Barley Mow roundabout travelling East, the boundary encompasses properties at Barley Mow and East on the A421, taking in some properties at Bowling Green.

Have a look at the Evenley Parish Boundary map; last updated in 2013

The village is protected by a conservation area; if you want to know whether your house is in the area take a look at this map