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Read the latest HS2 information affecting our area HERE.

For the latest general HS2 information, please visit: https://hs2.commonplace.is/



Help with the cost of living crsis

Financial and practical Cost-of-Living help for households across West Northamptonshire

Visit the Cost of Living Support HUB for more information or call 0300 126 7000.

Support includes financial help for low wage workers, households with children, and those most needing help towards rent, council tax, household bills including gas and electricity, childcare costs and important daily essentials.

Help for householders toolkit

In response to increasing prices and the pressures around the cost of living, the government has launched 'Help for Households' - a campaign to raise awareness of the support available amongst those that need it most. The Help For Households campaign gives clear information about the exceptional payments, energy support and existing support schemes available, so the public know what is available and where they can find help.

The homepage gov.uk/helpforhouseholds brings together over 40 support schemes that the public may be able to access depending on eligibility. Additionally, a range of online tools will help citizens quickly and efficiently check the support they might be eligible for and how to access it


Brackley Community Hosptial

Tel: 01280 313166

Brackley Community Hospital houses Brackley Medical Centre GP practice and the Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trusts “outpatient” services (physiotherapy and podiatry etc).

For more information, please visit their website: https://www.nhft.nhs.uk/brackley-community-hospital  

Evenley Village

Where is Evenley

At the southern extremity of Northamptonshire and bordering the counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire the parish of Evenley is arguably one of the prettiest and largest, in terms of area, in the county. Epitomising a typical English village Evenley is one of the few places where village cricket is played on the Village Green in the heart of the community.

Evenley Village

Information on walks and footpaths around our Parish.

If you spot an obstruction/damage to footpaths in the Evenley area, please report to our footpath warden Guy Moody: micro.moody@gmail.com

Evenley Village
Village History


Sited at the southern extremity of Northamptonshire and bordering the counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire the parish of Evenley is one of the prettiest in the county.

Evenley Village
Best Village

The annual Northamptonshire Village Awards (formally known as Best Village Awards) are an opportunity for villages and groups to celebrate and share what they like about their village and what makes it a great place to live. The level of award given for the NVAs is based upon how well a community does across a range of criteria covering all aspects of village life from its facilities and amenities, how welcoming it is, local activities, tidiness and presentation to its environment and green credentials, future sustainability and most importantly community spirit! Each entrant is awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold level certificate along with a small cash prize, courtesy of CPRE Northamptonshire, who sponsored this year’s event.


2020 Northamptonshire Village Awards (held in 2022) 

Over 65 villagers and guests gathered on 11th July for a special ceremony to hear the results of the Northamptonshire Village Awards (NVAs). 

The NVA's celebrate how inclusive and sustainable a village is, two strands that reflect a thriving community and that add to the quality of life for all residents. The level of award given is based upon how well a commnity does accross a range of criterea and each entrant is awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold level certificate along with a small cash prize courtesy of CPRE Northamptonshire, who sponsored this year's event. 

Evenley won the Silver award and you can read the judge's feedback here.

For more information, visit https://www.northantsacre.org.uk/northamptonshire-village-awards


2017 Best Village

Evenley community is proud to be annouced as WINNERS of the ACRE Newcomers best village competition 2017 and runners-up in the Small village catagory for 2017.



Evenley Village

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Evenley Village
Photo gallery

You can find some of the images that capture the essence of our parish, village and community. 

If you have old or new pictures of our Parish then please send your pictures royalty free to our clerk