Evenley Village
Evenley Village
Evenley Village

Jeff Peyton-Bruhl

Council Responsibilities: Village Hall liaison, speed signs, notice board, defibrillator guardian, clerk's appraisal, bus shelter and Evenley Common

Telephone: 01280 473157 or 07989 589720 or email: j.peyton-bruhl@evenleypc.org.uk


Register of Interests

My family moved to Evenley in December 2000 after nine years living in Brackley. I am married to Ruth, and have two sons both of whom played for the Cricket team. 

I have been in the motor industry since 1981, mostly with manufacturers selling to major fleet customers; definitely not your "Arthur Daley", but happy to give advice when needed.

I joined the Village Hall Committee in 2001 and stayed for 13 years mostly as entertainments officer raising money for hall extensions and improvements, then as Chairman.

I have also helped out at village fetes, Church events and have organised pantomimes and many other community and Brackley Round Table events.

I joined the Parish Council a number of years ago with hopes of helping to improve village life for everyone here and became vice-chairman in 2017.