who's who

Here you will find contact details of the current Parish Councillors and our Clerk and their main responsbilities within the Parish Council.

If you need to discuss any topic that you think is important in our Parish then please contact one of the Councillors directly or our Clerk.

Cathy Ellis

Council Responsibilities: Chair, Village Green, Trees, Newsletter and Hs2

Register of Interests

Jeff Peyton-Bruhl

Council Responsibilities: Vice Chair,  Village Hall liaison and Planning

Register of Interests

Jean Morgan

Council Responsibilities: Hs2, Emergency planning and Planning

Register of Interests

Michael Baul

Council Responsibilities: Internal controls and Website

Register of Interests

Charles Reader

Council Responsibilities: 

Register of Interests

Nic Hamblin

Council Responsibilities: Pocket Park, Allotments

Register of Interests

Spencer Burnham

Council Responsibilities: Street Lighting, Highways & Hs2, Village Green and Trees

Register of Interests 

Cathy Knott

Council Responsibilities: Clerk