Evenley Village
Evenley Village

who's who

Here you will find contact details of the current parish councillors and our clerk and their responsbilities.         

If you need to discuss any topic that you think is important in our parish then please contact one of the councillors directly or our clerk.


Evenley Village
Cathy Ellis

Council Responsibilities: Chairman, Village Green & trees, planning, clerk's appraisal, newsletter, website, HS2 & Highways, Evenley Common and bus shelter

Telephone: 01280 308568 or 07779 672646 or email: c.ellis@evenleypc.org.uk

Evenley Village
Jeff Peyton-Bruhl

Council Responsibilities: Village Hall liaison, speed signs, notice board, defibrillator guardian, clerk's appraisal, bus shelter and Evenley Common

Telephone: 01280 473157 or 07989 589720 or email: j.peyton-bruhl@evenleypc.org.uk


Evenley Village
Jean Morgan

Council Responsibilities: Planning & West Northamptonshire Council

Telephone: 07595 606065 or email: j.morgan@evenleypc.org.uk


Evenley Village
Charles Reader

Council Responsibilities: Allotments and Evenley Common 

Telephone: 01280 702964/ 07762 055704 or email: c.reader@evenleypc.org.uk



Evenley Village
Matt Brown

Council Responsibilities: TBC

Telephone: 07506475858 or email: mbrownhome10@aol.com





Evenley Village
Spencer Burnham

Council Responsibilities: Street Lighting, Internal controls (finance), bus shelter and electric car charging points

Telephone: 01280 843973 or 07796 266356 or email: s.burnham@evenleypc.org.uk

Evenley Village
Paul Crompton

Council Responsibilities: Signage, Events, Village Hall liaison

Telephone: 07765 406943 or email: pcrompton@me.com

Evenley Village
Cathy Knott

Council Responsibilities: Clerk

Telephone: 01280 423295 or email: clerk@evenleypc.org.uk