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The warden roles are important voluntary roles specifically focused around a task or activity supporting our community. Below is a list of the current warden roles and post holders within the Parish of Evenely.

Please help to support our warden scheme by contacting the appropriate person directly with any concerns or contributions.

Footpath Warden      
Guy Moody
To monitor the state of parish public footpaths and to report any obstructions or damages to bridges, stiles and kissing gates.  To act as Evenley's point of contact for any complaints about the state of the footpaths and follow them up if remedial action is not taken.

Bus Service Liaison
Brian Sinclair
Telephone: (01280) 841324
To liase with Northamptonshire Council to try to reinstate a bus service in Evenley.

Snow warden             
Kim Golding
Telephone: (01280) 703400
To check the levels of salt/grit in the 8 bins, strategically placed around the village, before the end of November each year and to report to, either the parish clerk or MGWSP, any which need filling up before the winter. To continue to monitor the level of salt/grit in the bins throughout the winter, especially after usage.

Tree warden              
Cathy Ellis
Email: c.ellis@evenleypc.org.uk  Telephone:  (01280) 308568
To survey the trees on the village green and pocket park, accompanied by a representative of the parish council, examine the trees for any signs of damage/decay and provide advice on possible action

Flag Warden
James Alder 
To raise the flag on dates specified by the Parish Council, guided by: Flag Institute
Information about Evenley's flag can be found HERE

Evenley Common (mowing)     
Merrick Loggin
Telephone:  (01280) 702725
To mow the pocket park and when able, cut hedges and verges with assistance from Charles Reader.

Neighbourhood Watch 

Charles Woodgate 

Evenley is part of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and Charles is our co-ordinator. If you would like to register to receive regular crime information relevant to our Parish then please contact Charles on his email above.

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the United Kingdom is a partnership intended to bring people together to make their communities safer. It involves the Police, Community Safety departments of local authorities, other voluntary organisations and individuals and families who ostensibly want to make their neighbourhoods better places to live. It aims to help people protect themselves and their properties and to reduce the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering a community spirit.