Planning Issues

Evenley Parish Council receive details of applications from South Northants Council (SNC). The Clerk then submits its views (taking into account the views of local residents). South Northants Council primarily look to EPC to provide local insight but may not follow our view.

Planning representatives

Evenley Parish Council nominate two/three planning representatives comprising of the vice-chairman of the council, and one/two other councillors.

The representatives undertake all planning roles and functions and make recommendations to the council. They may choose to visit the applicant and if necessary the immediate neighbours to help form an opinion.

They maintain the principles of the latest approved version of the Evenley Parish Plan and Village Design Statement in any proposals affecting the parish.

The clerk will make representations to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) in relation to any proposed arrangements between the council and the LPA about the involvement of the council in the discharge of planning functions.

The clerk will make representations to the LPA on any planning application referred to the council and on any other planning and planning related matters that affect the parish.

The council will respond to consultations on planning proposals in the parish as set out below.


Where the members of the council agree a planning-application is non-contentious and the deadline for response is before the next scheduled meeting, the council delegates authority to the clerk to respond to the application on the council's behalf.  In doing so the clerk may seek and obtain representations from any member of the council by any method in order to inform the response.

Where an application is considered contentious and/or complex, an extraordinary meeting will be called to discuss all information obtained by the councillors and giving the applicant and parishioners the opportunity to express their views before a decision is made.

For guidance on SNC planning regulations and to view/make individual comments on an application please visit:

For a list of outstanding planning applications in Evenley, please see agenda ‘associated documents’ (link to agenda page)