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Here you will find contact details of the current Parish Councillors and our Clerk and their main responsbilities within the Parish Council.

If you need to discuss any topic that you think is important in our Parish then please contact one of the Councillors directly or our Clerk.


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Meeting of the parish council agenda 16.09.2019


nb. draft minutes pending approval. Only once signed do they become a legal record

Latest minutes

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Meeting Dates

Evenley Parish Council meeting dates 2019


Current Evenley Parish Council Policies and Strategy Documents.

Evenley Parish Council emphasises its commitment to condemn any form of racism, intolerance, bigotry, bullying or xenophobia.


 The transparancy code is designed to meet the governments desire to place more power into citizen's hands to increase democratic accountability.

  It applies to parish councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000. The code became mandatory from 1st April 2015 and requires the online publication of key spending and governance information.  The government considers that publication of the items in the code will provide the local electorate and rate payers a clear picture of the activities of these smaller authorities.

Below are the finincial documents relating to Evenley Parish Council.

Planning Issues

Evenley Parish Council receive details of applications from South Northants Council (SNC). The Clerk then submits its views (taking into account the views of local residents). South Northants Council primarily look to EPC to provide local insight but may not follow our view.

Planning representatives

Evenley Parish Council nominate two/three planning representatives comprising of the vice-chairman of the council, and one/two other councillors.


The warden roles are important voluntary roles specifically focused around a task or activity supporting our community. Below is a list of the current warden roles and post holders within the Parish of Evenely.

Please help to support our warden scheme by contacting the appropriate person directly with any concerns or contributions.
Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is held once per year and is a public meeting; usually chaired by the Parish Council chair at which local council officers, Police, Highways, local clubs and organisation representives  are invited to present reports on their activities, achievements and plans for the coming year.

It is open to all parishioners.

Reports presented at a meeting are included below; please note that they are included for information and do not necessarily express the views or interests of the Parish Council.