Village Hall Club

The Village Hall Club runs a prize draw each month.  Great news - we have reached our target of 200 members!

Thank you to all of our existing members, the 28 new members and the four who have taken out additional numbers.

The prize money to be distributed each month will now total £100 and will be allocated thus:

1st prize - £40, 2nd prize - £25, 3rd prize £15, 4th & 5th prize - £10 each.

Please note, there are eight spare numbers (out of the 200 maximum) available. If you would like to take one (or more) up, please contact

Tony Stevens (

Best of luck to you all.......

Congratualtions to the following winners:

January 2019 monthly draw

1st          no. 161                 Chris Cousins

2nd        no. 155                 Nicola Smith

3rd         no. 191                 Robert Silvey

4th         no. 138                 Denise Stevens

5th         no. 121                 Chris Hart

February 2019 monthly draw

1st          no. 170                 Alan McCarthy-Wyper

2nd        no.   78                  Sue Waller

3rd         no. 128                 Steve Hogarth

4th         no.   96                  Sue Waller

5th         no.   44                  Richard Stopford

If you would like to register to take part or have any queries, please contact Alison Millard 

Telephone: 01280 705278 or