Evenley Matters

EVENLEY MATTERS is an unincorporated association, which shall be administered and managed in accordance with the constitution by members of the Management Committee (MC).

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The purpose of the committe is to receive funds raised by the Evenley Fete & Dog Show, held on the Village Green, as well as other events throughout the year, and from individual contributions and to allocate these funds for activities and projects in accordance with its benevolent purposes which are as follows: 

  • The advancement of citizenship, community development, the arts, amateur sports, the local environment & the improvement of notable publicly accessible buildings in Evenley Parish and, in very exceptional circumstances, adjoining Town/Parish Council areas;
  • Needs/relief related to youth, age in Evenley Parish and, in very exceptional circumstances, adjoining Town/Parish Council areas.

The current committe includes

  • David Connolly (Vice Chair; Evenley Residents Association)
  • Paul Bennett  (Evenley Resident)
  • Angie Crompton (Evenley Business)
  • Nic Hamblin (Fete Organiser)
  • Ian Inshaw  (Evenley Resident)
  • Michael Baul  (Treasurer; Evenley Residents Association)
  • Mikey Peyton-Bruhl  or Will Ellis  (Young Evenley Resident)
  • Jean Morgan (Interim Secretary)

To be considered an application should provide sufficient detail to be able to assess against the following criteria and to ensure monies are allocated effectively to projects (usually within the Parish of Evenley), the Management Committee will expect a project description, and will apply the following criteria when assessing applications for funding: 

  • LOCATION - Is the project within Evenley Parish? (If not, is it a project which may reasonably be expected to have an impact on the lives of Evenley residents, even exceptionally?)
  • EVENLEY CONNECTION – Has the proposer/organisation supported recent Evenley Fete events, or similar?
  • PROJECT FUNDRAISING - Has any other fundraising been carried out?  If so, how much was raised, and when?
  • ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF FUNDING - What other sources have been approached for funding?  What percentage of total project funding is sought from EM? 
    (EM will only provide match funding; some funding must come direct from the applicant)
  • PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT - What impact will the project have on the well-being of Evenley residents and/or businesses?
  • TIMESCALE FOR THE PROJECT - What is the timescale for the project & when is the project due to be completed?
  • TIMESCALE FOR FUNDING - When is funding required?
  • COMPLETION – What will be submitted to EM, and when, in order to demonstrate that the funding ahs been spent in the interests of Evenley residents and/or businesses?