Residents Association
The Evenley Residents Association (ERA) was founded in 2002; self funding its objective is to work with the Parish Council and residents
  • To improve the quality of life for residents by supporting and developing local facilities
  • Protect rural heritage of our village
  • Looking to the future with children and families and bringing neighbourliness to the heart of all we do

Membership is open to all residents & businesses in the parish

The committee is running with a rotating chair with a committee made up of Jeremy and Josceline Hebblethwaite, Michael Baul, David Connolly (Vice Chair), Chris Hart, Sue Waller, Wendy Collins and Jean Morgan.

Over the years the ERA have delivered and supported many village activities including

  • The publishing of several local village books; which are available for sale at the pub and local shop
  • Fund raising more than £10,000 for a new children's play area in the village
  • Organising and running the Annual Village Fete and Dog show since 2013
  • Setting up and underwriting the EVENLEY MATTERS committee that distributes the funds to projects and activities around our parish
  • Promoting website and facebook information and communications

For further up to date information and things going on in and around our Parish join our facebook community page

ERA Facebook and EVENLEY MATTERS information 

To read more about EVENLEY MATTERS click here