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Evenley Matters

In 2023, Evenley Residents Association (founded in 2001) and Evenley Matters (set up in 2013) combined to become one organisation which will now be known as Evenley Matters.

It is fully self-funding and our objective is to work with the Parish Council and residents 

  • To improve the quality of life for residents by supporting and developing local facilities;
  • To protect the rural heritage of our village; and
  • To look to the future with children and families, bringing neighbourliness to the heart of all we do.

Membership is open to all residents & businesses in the parish.

Evenley Matters Constitution (updated Oct 2023)

Funding Application Form

The committee is as follows: Nic Hamblin (Chair), Mike Baul (Treasurer), Jacky Alder and Kirsty Burnham (Secretary), Angie Crompton, Ian Inshaw, Trish Mackway, Lisa Proffitt, Derek Haines, Lottie Proffitt and Martha Proffitt.

Contact information: evenleymatters@yahoo.com

For further up to date information about things going on in and around our Parish join our Facebook community page: ERA and EVENLEY MATTERS


Reshaping ERA and Evenley Matters

At the AGM held on 15th November 2021, it was noted that several ERA committee members were standing down, and it was agreed to combine members of ERA and EM henceforward on a pragmatic basis.

We agreed to work on merging the two constitutions, and a Special Meeting was held on Monday 9th October 2023 (more information is given in the Autumn 2023 Newsletter and you can download the letter to residents HERE).  The agenda for the meeting is below.

Agenda for the special general meeting of Evenley Residents Association on 9th October 2023

2021 AGM powerpoint presentation

2021 AGM draft minutes 

ERA Summary of accounts (to year ending 31.12.2022)

EM Distribution of funds log (2013 - 2021)


Over the years the ERA has delivered and supported many village activities including

  • Publishing several local village books; which are available for sale at the pub and local shop
  • Fund raising more than £10,000 for a new children's play area in the village
  • Organising and running the Annual Village Fete and Dog show from 2011 to 2019
  • Setting up and underwriting the EVENLEY MATTERS (EM) committee that distributes funds raised to projects and activities around our parish; since 2013 raising over £25,000 for Parish projects and donations
  • Promoting Facebook information and communications, including setting up the village community page.

 Between 2013 and 2022, EM distributed over £30,000 to local projects, activities and causes, from annual children’s Christmas parties, to handbell ringing, to Brackley Foodbank. There are also several items of equipment (including gazebos) which are available for local events.

Funds are allocated to projects and activities in accordance with its benevolent purposes.  These are as follows:

  •  The advancement of citizenship, community development, the arts, amateur sports, the local environment & the improvement of notable publicly accessible buildings in Evenley   Parish and, in very exceptional circumstances, adjoining Town/Parish Council areas;
  •  Needs/relief related to youth, age in Evenley Parish and, in very exceptional circumstances, adjoining Town/Parish Council areas.

A contribution is usually expected to fund activities (for attending a Christmas Party, for example).