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Support line for Northamptonshire members of the public who need help

If you or anyone you know needs assistance during the COVID-19 crisis please call 0300 126 1000 (option 5) 

Northamptonshire Covid-19 support website: 


Evenley Parish Council elections 6th May 2021 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, parish council elections that were due to be held in May 2020 will now be held on 6th May 2021.  If you would like to have a greater say in what goes on in your community please click HERE.



Every ten years the census takes place in England and Wales, providing insight into the people who live accross the country and what their lives are like. This year, cesus day is on Sunday 21st March. 

The census is a series of questions that gives a data picture of British society and this year it will give future generations a fascinating insight into how we lived during the coronavirus pandemic.

It helps the government plan and fund services in local communities. The responses might highlight the need for a new school, increased health care facilities or other services in your area.

You will be sent an information pack containing a unique code which will give you access to the census form online. It will explain how to complete the census and how to get help if anyone needs it. 

It is a legal requirement to complete the census. For more information visit census.gov.uk



ABILITY - a new community bus

 In 2019, residents of West Northamptonshire started to benefit from a new community bus service which was desperately needed in the rural areas as public transport availability was rapidly diminishing leaving people isolated and lonely.

 For Concessionary bus pass holders the service is provided free within the county of Northamptonshire. 

 The community bus service is now being made available across the rural communities of South Northants and South Northampton to provide a weekly shopper bus service to the main shopping areas of Towcester, Brackley, Banbury and Northampton; the service operates 5 days a week. For more information, please contact the clerk at clerk@evenleypc.org.uk or visit the Ability website to register: https://abilitycic.org.uk/



Brackley Community Hospital update - November 2020

The Brackley Medical Centre GP practice is now fully operational from the new healthcare facility on Wellington Road. 

The Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust’s “outpatient” services – for example physiotherapy and podiatry – are expected to come onstream within the next four weeks or so, as they continue to fit out some of their parts of the building.  It is anticipated that the intermediate care beds on the second floor will be populated gradually with effect from January 2021.

 BMC patients have all been notified of the move, and BMC has created a video, a virtual tour, of the building because visits in person are not permitted at the moment.  Although this video concentrates principally on the parts of the building which BMC patients will access and need, it does give a good overview of the entire building:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMPRNmqo12Y 

Caryl Billingham, MBE (Chairman of Brackley Community Hospital 2020 Trust) would like to thank all villages for their support thus far and hope that you find this information of interest. 



West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) vesting day is 1st April 2021

Local government in Northamptonshire is changing - click HERE to read about how the new unitary councils will affect our area (from 1 April 2021)

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