Street Light Problem

Do you need to report a problem with a street light or is there a street light EMERGENCY?

There are 37 streetlights in Evenley and occasionally they become faulty. The parish council is responsible for all repairs and maintenance and we have a contractor (currently Aylesbury Mains Ltd) to carry out repairs which are undertaken within a short time, but this will only happen if a faulty street light is reported.

** Streetlight EMERGENCIES

** Causing danger or risk to life

** PLEASE CALL 07799 836176

For routine issues, for example bulb replacement etc, please let the parish clerk know, who can be contacted by email at or telephone on 01280 308580 then it can be reported to the contractor.

When reporting a faulty streetlight please provide the following information:

- The name of the street in which the light is located

- The number of the light (if possible) – normally stencilled or stamped onto the lighting column

- The property number or name nearest to the light

The type of fault eg not lighting, lighting at the wrong time, permanently on, damaged light, reduced intensity of the light etc