Village Hall

The village hall (previously the village School), was gifted to Evenley Parish Council in 1960.  The hall, although not listed lies within the conservation area and is designated as 'an important other building' and it is managed by the Village Hall management committee.  The brass sundial on the front of the village hall was donated by the Evenley branch of the Women's Institute to commemorate the Millennium. 

There are a wide variety of classes at the hall including Pilates, Sing & Sign, Yoga, Challenge Parkinson’s, Tai Chi, plus several local clubs/societies including the Film Club, Table Tennis, Gardening Society, Flower Club and Women’s Institute, to list just a few.  The hall has excellent changing/shower facilities which makes it an ideal venue for supporting activities on the village green, especially Evenley Cricket Club.

The hall, after undergoing a massive refurbishment in 1999, is available for bookings up to a maximum of 100 people (less if sitting).

The management committee takes a great deal of time in maintaining the hall and car park to an excellent standard and periodically EVHMC carries out a Disablity Discrimination Audit to ensure that, anyone can access the hall safely.  The committee consider any revisions to make improvements in between audits.

To check the availability or to book the hall please use our online booking form or contact 

- Joyce Stevens - 01280 702861

- Alison Millard  - 01280 705278


2019 Annual General Meeting

INVITATION and AGENDA for Monday 10th June

Treasurers report and accounts

At the 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Monday 4th June, the existing committee was re-elected as follows:

Eric Millard (Chairman), Mike Bosher, Alison Millard, Tony Stevens, Joyce Stevens, Sue Waller.






Evenley Village Hall uses personal data for the purpose of managing the hall, mainly its booking process and fundraising activities (i.e. Village Hall Club). Data may be kept securely for up to seven years. If you would like to find out what information we hold about you and how we might use it, please contact the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee – Eric Millard (01280) 705278 or email or contact via the Parish Clerk.