Evenley Parish proivides an area of allotments for parishioners use. It is located just off Church Lane within Evenley village.

The original allotment land, privately owned for many years was sold to a developer, who on 31 July 2000 took possession. The site was subsequently developed into a group of ten houses and named after the previous owner, Mrs Cicely Spencer. The development is known as Spencer Close.

The result of the many months that the Parish Council spent negotiating with the developer, was that, on 20 February 2001, a plot of land was made available to the rear of the original site, with the entrance on Church Lane. This site gave the parish a facility for ten allotment plots. Subsequently, when demand is high enough, a plot is subdivided to allow more residents to enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables.

The tenancy year commences on 2 April, when the rent falls due. Any interested resident should contact the parish clerk on