SNC District Council

South Northamptonshire Council provides a wide range of services for the public. It is also responsible for developing and promoting policies for the short, medium and long term, working with partners to deliver improvements for the community and for consulting with the public and responding to consultations from other bodies.  

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This mix of duties can make the Council look complex and difficult to understand and this can be particularly frustrating when you are trying to do something that seems like it should be simple and straightforward.   It can be even more frustrating when it's not clear whether it is South Northamptonshire Council, the County Council, or some other government organisation that is responsible for providing the service that you need.   Throughout this website, we've tried to point you to wherever you need to go. You may also find it helpful to think about the Council in two parts.


The Councillors are your elected local representatives and it is their job to make sure that the services that the Council provides meet your needs and those of everybody else who lives, works and visits the district.   The Councillors do this by setting the overall policies and strategies for the Council and by monitoring the way in which these are implemented. You should talk to your councillor if:

  • you want to influence the future development of the district
  • you want to influence specific things going on in your area
  • you have a problem that you cannot get solved by officers 

The Councillors carry out their work through a Cabinet of senior Members and various committees and working groups as well as through Full Council. Some powers and responsibilities are reserved by law for Full Council or specifically established committees. Other than these, the Cabinet is responsible for the day to day running of the Council.  

The Officers

The Officers are the people who work for the Council and who are paid to deliver the services agreed by Councillors.   Senior officers help Councillors to develop policies and objectives but their main role is to provide the public with the highest possible standards of service within the money that the Councillors make available.   You should talk to Council Officers if:

  • you have a problem and need help
  • you want to know what to do next
  • nothing seems to be happening and you want to know why


Informal consultation on proposed new council name

People across the west of Northamptonshire are from today being asked what they think the proposed new unitary council should be called.

For more information and to make a suggestion online, visit by 03.12.2018

SNC has published the final version of its Local Plan Part 2, the Submission Regulation 19, for comment, from the 4th October 2018 to 12 noon on the 16th November 2018.

This is the final version of the Local Plan Part 2 the Regulation 19 Submission version. The document sets out key planning issues impacting the district and policies to be used on future planning applications.

 How to view the Plan and supporting documents:

The draft submission Local Plan and associated documents can be viewed on the Councils webpage at:

Have your say on important proposals to change Northamptonshire’s councils here:

The consultation document explains the reasons why change is being considered and covers key information about the options. Once you have read this document, please tell us what you think by completing the consultation questionnaire. The consultation ends on 22nd July 2018, so please submit your feedback by this date. 

Evenley Parish Council have responded saying "we support the North/West two unitary authories proposal in principle. Reform must maximise the opportunities for the whole public sector to work together, and therefore should include extensive input from healthcare and police (pg 6 of the document), as well as considering involvement of the charity sector. 

There must be mechanisms in place to safeguard existing urban and rural identities and economies. The current flexibility regarding healthcare options in the peripheral areas of Northamptonshire must be safeguarded, for example including treatment at facilities in Oxford and Banbury". 

South Northamptonshire Local Plan Part 2: Local Green Spaces (technical assessment) is available for you to view and comment until 29th June at: 

SNC Development Plan

Potential development sites across the district submitted as part of South Northamptonshire Council’s Local Plan (2a) are now being considered along with those here in Evenley by the planning department at SNC. Its recommendations will then be discussed by SNC councillors who sit on the planning policy and regeneration strategy committee in early 2017, with the first meetings held on 25th January and 22nd March, 2017. 

Evenley Parish Council will keep its residents informed of any changes or news through the newsletter, its website and at its regular meetings. SNC has issued the following timetable for guidance purposes:

 Key Stages/Action Timescale

Publication of Issues Paper  Consultation    October 2013/January 2014

  • Options Consultation (Regulation 18)*   First quarter 2016
  • Consultation on Draft Document (Regulation 18)*  Early 2017
  • Proposed Submission Consultation (Regulation 22)* Third quarter 2017
  • Submission of Local Plan & Sustainability; Appraisal to Secretary of State (Regulation 22)* First quarter 2018
  • Examination in Public (Regulation 24)* Third quarter 2018
  • Adoption (Regulation 26)* Fourth quarter 2018